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Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith (Hard Cover)

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Journey with me through testimonies of triumph over trials, in a book that speaks on the importance of one's identity in Christ. As women, we oftentimes become mere figments of a society's perceptions and conflicting definitions of who we should be and how we ought to behave. As a result, we struggle to live life fearlessly and free to chase our dreams as we balance between life, and the multiple complexities of being WOMAN.

In this book: "REINVENTED. Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith", I pray that you may see that you are so much more than what you think you are or what you were told you would become. Ephesians 2:20 suggests that we are GOD's masterpieces, "built on the foundations of the apostles and prophets with Christ Himself as the chief cornerstone."

So why is it then that we allow our experiences, our hurts, our pains, and our struggles, to convince us that we aren't, in the words of Isaiah 62:3 "crowns of splendour in the LORD's hand, royal diadems in the hand of our GOD?" May these few chapters challenge you to confront those issues, relationships and insecurities you have held onto and swept under the carpet for so long, purging you of any thoughts and feelings that are misaligned with GOD's will over your life. GOD loves you beloved, and it is time you began to walk in this knowledge.

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