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14 Women. 14 Stories. From insecurities to winning!

I'm so incredibly humbled. You know that moment - and they've been many of late - where all you can do is sit in silence and thank the heavens for seeing the tears shed once upon a time.

So if some of you can remember, in October of last year I announced that I was looking for a group of women who I could take on a publishing journey for what would be the first Reinvented Anthology. Having the courage to share my story was a 10 year process, but making the decision to move full-steam ahead took a moment. It was time, and I didn’t think I could truly walk in my authenticity until I mustered the courage to write my first book.

My heart is so full thinking about what the last few weeks have been like since I sent the call out across social media. My heart yearned to take a group of women along on a ride of chronicling their story in an intensive, writing focused programme where we would together, reflect upon the roads we have travelled and the experiences that made us who we are today. As GOD would have it, He brought together women that were already a part of my tribe, and a good number of them already knew each other or had heard of each other across these social streets. Last week, they got the chance to reach each other's stories....


I’m delighted to share with you all that the book is here and available for download here

Here's what cool - you don't need to own a Kindle reader anymore to get books. Simply download the Kindle app to your phone or tablet, purchase your book and it will automatically download!

Family – please help me congratulate Cynthia Chirinda, Ruvimbo Makoni, Norah Spie, Rutendo Mutsamwira, Chido Mashanyare, Yolande Nyamugama, Tsungi Fundira, Edith Utete, Takudzwa Chitsike, Gina Mvere, Memory Darikwa, Louisa Choruma and Irine Matanga on the release of our new book…

I'm super proud to call these Queens my sisters and am truly encouraged by the leap of faith they've taken in sharing their stories with you.

Reinvented & Victorious: 14 Women. 14 Stories. From insecurities to winning!

Head on over to Amazon on to get your copy today!

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