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6 simple reasons why your "YES" could be the gateway to your big "NEXT".

“Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards.”  ― Tina Fey

The top of my year was fraught with the feeling of not knowing what my "next" was. The pressure mounted for me as I encouraged others to pursue those things they had been struggling to roll out, yet even I wasn't sure what GOD had lined up for me for 2019. If you've ever published two books within 6 months, you'll understand the pressure of keeping up the momentum. Within a matter of weeks of releasing my first my first book,  I was now looking at how I was going to create a brand out it more than the messaging it carried, while pushing the sales of the latest release, an anthology featuring my chapter and those of authors from across the world. Last year came with many wins as it did great big lessons on patience, humility and faith - and for those, I remain grateful.

And so in asking GOD what the plan was for this year, and receiving the clear instruction to network more, I started attending certain meetings I had put on hold for a hot second on account of a super hectic schedule. I made an effort to be more intentional about who I actually spend time connecting with and learning from, gleaning from those relationships that inspired a lot of my most pivotal life changes in recent years. Eventually, I mustered up the courage to say "Yes" to the ideas that emerged from the wide range of interactions I had shared with some of my mentees, personal, professional and entrepreneur friends, late night chats with my husband about our "collective next", discussions at the office or revelations that came from moments in prayer.

The dictionary defines "yes" as an affirmative response or decision. Reflecting on this definition, I can comfortably say that a lot of us are teetering on the opposite side of the definition of yes altogether. A great number of us are struggling with indecision, which inadvertently leads itself to frustration. Let's face it - in life there are doers and there are those that procrastinate. There are those that charge ahead with confidence while others wallow in the thoughts of failures that are yet to occur, or may not even occur at all! Looking back at what the last few months have unraveled after saying "Yes" to my Heaven-sent instruction, leads me to sharing in my post why your saying "yes" could very well be the gateway to your next.

1. If not you then who and if not now then when? We hear this so often and probably throw it around during moments of playful banter. Please believe me when I say this - that thing, or those many things you believe you should be pursuing in your life at this very moment are awaiting on you to get it together. If you don't, someone else will and may very well succeed while you watch from the sidelines. "I love watching others succeed at that thing I'm afraid to pursue" - said no one ever!

2. Your "yes" simmers down the fear-driven thoughts you may be struggling with. In my case, GOD had spoken to me about rolling out a series of events at my present location, moving away from hosting events only when I got an opportunity to travel back home. Truth is, seasons change and those changes require us to be equally adaptive. Perhaps not going home to Zimbabwe as often as I used to and feeling the weight of not hosting events as we had done every year for the past five, was a big part of it. I'm excited to be hosting Quintessential F's first Ladies Power Brunch in a few weeks and even more excited to birth another right here in Abu Dhabi over the Summer! As I power through the planning, I'm noticing that I'm not thinking much less about the how and whether I have enough resourcing to get it done. I just know that for me to get a dose of more of my happy, and for my brands to grow, I must walk in faith and believe in the outcomes of my having said "yes!". 

3. Your "yes" activates your creativity and spurs on your action plan. Brain freeze over. The feeling of not knowing what my next for this year was is all the way quelled. Since I made the decision to move ahead with the stuff that kept milling through my mind, i'm blown away by the number of people I speak to that have valuable inputs to my goals. I'm connecting and working with people that get it, and get me - and that ladies and gentlemen, is a great place to be. 

4. Because no one wants to live in a state of chronic "what if". Simply put - it's frustrating. That weird space between "I think I can do this" and "But I'm not sure I have what it takes to pull this off" can be crippling, even more so when everyone around you seems to be doing so much and doing it well. If you've been meaning to book that holiday, cut off your hair, start that business, go on that volunteering excursion, schedule that meeting with that person - do it. No one lives for the "what ifs" No. No one does. 

5. Because if you don't get on with it, someone else will. For this, I refer you to my first point. If not you then someone else will and only time will show you who. If not now, again, someone else will decide to get on with it and leave you watching from the sidelines. Remember - nothing's new under the sun. A lot of what we want to do has been done and is being done by hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. Turn to the social media gods and they'll show you:) 

6. Your future awaits your affirmative response. Most important. We only get what we want if we work hard for it. We only live to see our dreams come true if we believe they will and work towards seeing them manifest. GOD intervenes and plays a tremendous role in our successes, but the sowing and ploughing part? That's all us. 

With these simple reasons why you should get on with it, will you take a leap of faith and make your decision to push forward. Could today be the day you say "Yes?" 

The journey continues! Let's get it! 

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