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Am up for a Zimbabwe International Women's (ZIWA) Award!!!

...And I need your votes to win!

You may have already heard, but am super excited to receive recognition in the “Best Author” category from the UK based, Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards Committee for my first book “Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith.”

Such a nod is a testament to GOD’s rewarding willing hearts. I was hesitant to share my story. In fact, I pondered about writing a book for many years until GOD spoke and I HEARD HIM EVER SO CLEARLY on the 27th of August 2018. Six weeks from that time I had a manuscript ready for review and editing and the rest was history!

To all who have read the book, listened to me speak or broken bread with me over the topics I raise in the book - I thank you so much for your ongoing support. Voting is ongoing and remember, you can cast your vote as many times as you like.

Also celebrating all the authors in my category. You are incredibly talented women and I pray your territories are enlarged.

For now, let’s head on over to the ZIWA Website and cast our votes at


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