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Are you struggling to get it together?

"If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started." 

- Drew Houston

It was like the flip of a switch really – the moment I realized that if I walked in my light and appreciated just how far GOD had carried me, my life would never be the same. It’s one thing to acknowledge GOD’s hand over your life, but it’s something completely different to appreciate how empowering that is, and how it can quite literally change the manner in which you view situations as they happen.

The year 2013 is when I decided I wanted to create a platform that could speak to women just like me; women who were struggling to unleash what they knew GOD had placed within them. I knew I was creative, gifted with a good sense of humour and loved the heartfelt conversations I shared with other women at cell group, in the parking lot whilst waiting for our children to get out from school or during planned breakfast or lunch meet-ups.

Fast forward to a year later, when Ruvimbo and I went live with We were proud of our commitment to bringing this thing to life, as it became apparent throughout the numerous conversations we had over several months before, that GOD had planted something in us that would make a difference.

If you believe that there is something you are called to doing in this life, but find yourself questioning yourself on whether you should get started, consider the following three things that brought me to the realisation that if I didn't muster the courage to get it together, my entire life would be fraught by an unending series of "what ifs".

1. A life lived with regrets is no life at all. I got tired of walking around with that “what if” feeling. You know that nagging feeling you get when you know you are supposed to do something, but fear grips you from proceeding. But then as time goes on, the idea of not getting started almost chokes every root of creativity in you – until you have to make that decision to either get started or shut the door to the possibility of pushing along completely.

Looking back, I don’t believe I would be the woman I am today had I not answered “yes” to the call and written that first blog for From that time, the quest to chronicle my journey in a manner that would resonate with other women has literally opened me up to the very real challenges that women face through insecurity, self-doubt, poor self-love, and other such negative mentally and emotionally draining conditions that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. It has made me appreciate that I am not alone in how I feel sometimes, in the dreams I carry and the goals I choose to pursue. That in itself has been humbling, as much as not feeling alone kept me from quitting when the struggle was real.

2. That vision is waiting for your execution. Simply put, that vision was downloaded upon you by the Heavens because there is no one else at this very moment equipped to carry it out in the same manner you would. In the same vein, GOD has already given you the tools to get started – the rest will follow. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my years of personal self-discovery and quest for reinvention – there will never be enough money, time or resources for you at any point unless you take the leap of faith. Once you get going, GOD will show up and do the rest. So many of us fail to get started on things that we are truly passionate about because we simply do not trust that getting started is enough. Beloved, trust the process and carry with you an open heart and mind. You’ll be amazed at just how exciting the journey becomes once you embark on it.

3. Different results requires different outputs. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau in your excitement about all things life. This may very well be the time you opt in and not out – daring to go after that thing you’ve given yourself all sorts of excuses over for seasons long. Really and truly, what do you have to lose, but an opportunity to learn something more about yourself and the things you are passionate about? We know that the definition of insanity is hashing out the same game plan and processes and expecting different results along the way. Sadly this too is how we often do life - going round and round in circles of monotony when there is the wide world beyond our door step, filled with opportunity and immersive experiences if again - we would only choose to do things differently.

I'm conscious that these three things I mention seem rather simplistic. Is it really that simple that one can decide to just get started and things will automatically work out? I put it to you that giving it a shot grants you a chance at winning than not getting on the court and playing at all. I say this very same thing to my children when the feel like bailing out of a sports meet or missing a music class - that you can't score if you don't at least try. It's exhilarating to look back and see how far you've come, noting that when you did fall and got a bruise or two, you learned a thing or too that will aid you on the next attempt at winning.

Get started Saint. Whatever it is you are trying to birth, the labour pains aren't in vein. Whether you need to lose a couple of pounds, apply for that Masters Degree or job, take your business to the next level, plan that event, put that crop in the ground - the whole thing is waiting on you to get it together!

Now what are you waiting on?

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