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Because FAITH is everything

When your back’s against impenetrable concrete wall, what do you choose? Do you surrender to fear or activate a heightened level of faith that ushers you into fight mode?

I’m delighted to share with you my new e-book titled: “Because FAITH is everything” – now available on and the RT Store for download.

We are living in times that are challenging us to lean on something that gives us the courage to press in and keep going, especially as we don’t have many answers to life’s questions we may have thought we did. With the mounting uncertainties we’ve all been thrown into, and the unending conspiracy theories that are raising a new cloud of fear, now is a better time than any to call on our faith to get through life as we know it.

I hope there are some words that will speak to you in there as I received when I shared them

Do download your copy, make you a nice cup of tea or add ice if it’s going to be an ice-tea - #StayHome and get reading!

Light and Love

Your Architect of Reinvention


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