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Edith Utete: "African women have incredible stories of diligence, resilience and victory!"

As we close off our Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology co-author spotlights, we can't help but celebrate the growth in each and every one of these beautiful gems, and friend of the movement Edith Utete is one such woman that has a knack for commemorating the successes of her peers religiously. I remember the first time we sat down for a coffee. It can only be GOD and faith that brought us together for this project. Without further ado, check out what she had to say about her story in our book, now available on Amazon and Kindle App for download.

RT: Tell us about yourself: name, location, and why you are reinvented? EU: My name is Edith Utete nee Marere. I am based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am reinvented because I was fed up with feeling stuck in a mental and emotional state that no longer served me. I decided it was time to get myself out of my uncomfortable and unfulfilling comfort zone.

RT: What has the journey of sharing your story been like for you? Why do you believe now was the right time to give people an inside peek into what has made you the woman you are today? EU: The journey of sharing my story was scary at first because I feared being vulnerable and to be judged. However, as I became unhappy with holding myself back I eventually decided to just do it and release the weight of keeping not only my test but my testimony to myself. This experience has been transformational and enriching especially as I witness how sharing my story has impacted others in a positive way. I started writing a while ago but after I had overcome so much I felt that now was a good time to share the story of ME and how I came to be so that other people can find courage in reinventing themselves too.

RT: How relevant do you believe the message of combatting insecurity and pursuing an authentic existence is to today’s woman? EU: Insecurity holds many women back in business, career and relationships. Many women often fail to uplift themselves, their families and communities due to various insecurities. The world needs them now to combat that insecurity and pursue an authentic existence in order to heal our aching world, show future generations how to do better and create lasting legacies.

RT: You have now added the title of “Author” to you list of accomplishments, or perhaps you fall under the list of women who long began telling stories through written content. Talk to us about why you believe it’s important for the African woman to be at the forefront of sharing her story, given today’s competitive media space. EU: African women have incredible stories of diligence, resilience and victory, and these stories need to take their rightful places on the global stage. We need to set the tone and define our own narrative. Our unique experiences are worthy of note.

RT: How do you hope your story will impact the lives of the readers of “Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology”? EU: I hope that my story will help someone to step out of an attitude of self-hate and self- admonishing so that they can pursue their God given purpose fully for God’s glory. I also hope to encourage others to not fear change which will grow them and enrich their lives.

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