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End of your rope? Let's talk for a second.

It's hard to move on from pain. It's difficult to feel like you've given all you had to yet still left the ring feeling depleted of the very essence of life within. I get that. I've been there and when I got to the end of my rope, I cried out to GOD and asked that He take the pain away.

Mine was an intentional of pursuing my rebirth and subsequent spiritual, physical and mental reinvention. I remember a season of 3 months after surviving a near fatal car accident in December 2004. Halfway across the world in America, learning how to walk again as part of my recovery program and physio-therapy, debt collectors ringing my phone 10 times an hour, severely home sick after having last been home in 6 years and not knowing who I was anymore, I heard GOD say to me - it was time to go home.

As I would later take to writing in my book - 10 whole years later, "You cannot live your best life if you let cancer upon cancer of hurt coat the very heart that’s supposed to lead you to beautiful places and the joys of wholesome interaction." Many cancers plagued me. It was the end of my rope as it knew it in that season. This Zimbabwean girl wasn't cut out for America she had to get out of there. That was in 2007, three years after the car accident on my way home from a work Christmas party. And so mine was going to be a fight for my repentance, peace and joy through total surrender to the highest POWER - GOD HIMSELF.

The interesting thing about life today is that we are all being challenged to find a set of values we stand by. What do we believe? Whose voice do you listen to and why? What motivates us to become the people that we are? In what does our faith reside? What about our bodies? I state in my book:

Your body is a gift that you do not have any control or say so in as far as how much life will be awarded to you. It is an incubator of solutions that may very well change your community and the world. Your heart’s desires, your goals, your vision are all valuable. But they also require some responsibility on your part to ensure that everything comes together for the manifestation of what you desire.

I say the above with the knowledge that we really do have no say as to how many days we have on this earth and COVID-19 is showing us and the world over that it's time to stop and reboot. I don't know about you but humanity was spiralling out of control and it has taken one global phenomenon to stop us dead in our tracks and look within. What's happening around us is not "their" problem. It's all of OURS.

Do not discount the importance of every situation you find yourself in whether easy or hard. There is always something in there for you to learn about yourself, others around you and how to combat situations should there be similar ones that come about in future.

When you've reached the end of the rope, you have in each hand an option: to curl up and give up or to find the enemy of your faith - your fears. You will need to lean on the people in your life that have never given up on you because the process of breaking the shackles off your feet is seldom won on our own:

We enjoy relationships because we wouldn’t be human without them. What’s key is to ensure that we nurture them in such a way that they do not infringe on our sanity and take away the peace from our lives; peace of which is an uphill battle to maintain anyway given life’s series of pressures.

You will need to appreciate the rolling hills of time. There will be good days and not so good days but with faith and the desire to fight. Reaching the end of your rope simply means something has to give, and that the only way out is up.

Time will teach us all to focus more on the actions of others rather than the words they speak. There’s a lot to be said about a friend who says they will always be there for you, but aren’t when it counts. True friendship is founded on trust, reliability and supportive action.

You're on your path to recovery. Trust me when I say this; healing begins with the acceptance of the fact that you have reached the end of the rope and asking yourself - "where do I go from here?"

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