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Gina Mvere chimes in on transitions in Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology

One of the most intriguing aspects of our having co-authored "Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology" together, lies in the fact that we've come to appreciate the vast similarities we share as women, and believe me when I say this - there are many! Gina's chapter touches on the stuff we try to make sense off during season's of transition, and had this to say when we asked her how it was for her to be a part of this project:

RT: Tell us about yourself: name, location, and why you are reinvented? GM: My name is Georgina Mvere. I live in the UK. My reinvention has come about through my lived experiences but also a realisation of the importance of being intentional. For most of my life I just used to go with the flow as would a "lets see where the wind takes us" kind of girl. I also assumed life would always go a certain way. Experiences in the last few years have taught me otherwise. I've had to learn through what felt like a gruelling, hard and painful existence to be ok even if circumstances are not quite so. Through the process I have learnt that: 1. I'm not a victim, 2. Everyday I choose... and 3. There is always hope for a better tomorrow, a better me. RT: What has the journey of sharing your story been like for you? Why do you believe now was the right time to give people an inside peek into what has made you the woman you are today? GM: Sharing a part of my story was somewhat cathartic. Looking back, and calling back to mind the different events and experiences helped me to look at it all from a very different and elevated perspective. It was definitely more mirror than magnifying glass. A deep hard look at myself, my actions, reactions, the works. I believe the timing is perfect as I have also gained a better understanding of myself and the experiences that have shaped me into who I am. Ever growing and transforming though, where I am today is not the destination. RT: How relevant do you believe the message of combatting insecurity and pursuing an authentic existence is to today’s woman? GM: Fear and insecurity rob us of so much and can massively hinder one from living their best life; that is, living out GOD's promises for our lives. The message of combatting insecurity and pursuing authenticity is therefore a vital one to everyone really. RT: You have now added the title of “Author” to your list of accomplishments, or perhaps you fall under the list of women who long began telling stories through written content. Talk to us about why you believe it’s important for the African woman to be at the forefront of sharing her story, given today’s competitive media space. GM: Women have been fighting for their space in various aspects of life for centuries. If we do not tell our own stories they will either not get told or worse, they will be told for us! If we want our stories to be out there and impact other people we have to be brave enough to tell our own stories. RT: How do you hope your story will impact the lives of the readers of “Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology”? GM: My hope in sharing my story is that someone out there will read it and be encouraged and comforted in knowing that they are not alone. Others have walked this way before and come out on the other side. Come out better and stronger and more determined to fulfill their God ordained purpose in this life.

To grab your copy of this book and read more of Gina's story, make a pitstop on Amazon here to get your paperback or download the Kindle App for your access!

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