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Houston! “Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith” - now available!

So, my book - Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith - has launched. I sat on a bed in a Gaborone hotel on December 15th, counting the printed copies that had just been delivered to me. I ran my palm down each cover, checking that the typesetting in every copy was as I envisioned it, smelling the pages hot off the print press. The strong feeling of satisfaction enveloped me, followed quickly by sheer gratitude. Stacking the copies in a suitcase, I thought of one of my friends who had bought the first seven copies she wanted to gift her family members for Christmas. Mutsa Mutowo – thank you! Wow, among many things, I’m a published AUTHOR now, and I must say again, I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness.

“Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith” chronicles key experiences in my life that have shaped my worldview, how I relate to people and my decision-making process into adulthood. The book talks faith, speaking to the mind of the young millennial woman, who has struggled with insecurities stemming from societal expectations, unpleasant encounters, cultural shock and any such elements that leave her questioning her purpose in life. I can’t say writing it was easy, as I had to go back to some dark seasons that were characterised by deep pain and a longing for something more than what I was surviving through.

Having said this, allow me to share 5 reasons why I believe this book will inspire you to use your faith to find your footing, with the hopes that we will one day meet and discuss the downloads I penned down therein:

1. Because it’s the New Year and you need to set clear goals for doing things differently moving forward! In the last chapter of the book, I speak of the need to commit to your future if you want to live life as you envisioned it. When I received confirmation to write this book – from the Holy Spirit – I got right to work (yes, my Christian faith is the ultimate guide for who I am and what I do). Writing this book was one of the goals I had carried on my heart for years, having been encouraged by my peers who read my blogs on

I didn’t want to wait till the New Year to start writing. I wanted to pour out whatever there was to say and see how far I could get with it. Nothing prepared me for the cathartic effect of openly sharing my past experiences, reflecting upon how much my faith and relationship with GOD has allowed me to grow. What started as a project to merely write a book, has morphed into a desire to see lives of young women transformed through practical faith-based experiential teaching. I don’t have it all figured out, but I have clear goals into 2018 on account of this little write up!

2. If you are looking for answers to some of life’s toughest questions, this book may help. Some of the greatest lessons I have had the privilege of learning have come from listening to and reading the stories of other women. We often times think we are alone when we go through hard times. We aren’t. Reading books by other authors in my network has made me realise that we all want the same things – to live peacefully and authentically, with all the trimmings life can bring. I have come to view some of these women authors in a different light and appreciate the strength in each of them because of their courage to chronicle their journeys. I am standing on their shoulders today and hope that from the pool of people that will read my book, there will emerge more that are willing to share their stories to encourage others.

3. It’s pretty hard to not live by what you say publicly – or write to the world. This book is forcing me to be accountable for my actions and thinking. There is a certain metamorphosis that took place as I wrote it, and I’m believing in the same for those that get to read it. I’m sort of a self-proclaiming Reinvented Mascot now - and am a continued work in progress, so if you find me acting crazy, do remember to nudge me and remind me of what I wrote.

4. Because faith really does take you places. I chronicle my journey in believing in GOD, and how my spiritual life has been the cornerstone of my success. In life, you must have something you believe in – a higher power or value system. My Christian faith is it, and is the barometer for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. I’m an apologetic Jesus Lover and hope that this book will testify to there being no other way to a life of peace and growth than that founded on the principles of GOD.

5. Reinvention is tantamount to growth. “I don’t want my life to change for the better,” - said nobody ever! I struggled with depression in my early adult years until I nearly lost my life because of it. A decision to get it together by renewing my mindset and becoming more action focused has awarded me many opportunities that I can only marvel at today. Grace. Now I’m on an unending quest to be more intentional about staying on the path of evolution. People and circumstances change. One wants to adapt and keep up with the changes. The process begins with accepting that change doesn’t disarm us, it actually empowers us – if we keep up!

The book chronicles my challenges and breakthroughs on my quest to live a fulfilled life, and I can only hope that something in any one of the pages triggers that need for personal reinvention.

So there it is folks. Welcome to my world of constant reinvention. It has been quite the ride, a culmination of wits and fighting fear! A special thank you to my husband, children, parents, brothers and prayer warrior friends that continue to encourage me to live my life Reinvented and authentically through faith!

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