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In the ring with insecurity

Dear Kings and Queens!

If you’ve ever battled any insecurities, whether it was in your personal life, when running a business or navigating the professional workspace, you will know that winning the fight often takes a lot more than 12 rounds. Just when you start to feel good about the results of your weight-loss program, a supervisor at work attacks your delivery on project timelines or cites their view of your attitude in the office as something you should consider doing better with. Maybe there is a certain relationship you’ve been working hard to nurture but it’s not clear what the other party’s position is. What about life after loss or trauma? I read somewhere that if fear has ever paralysed you, it rarely ever goes away completely but rather makes its appearance in moments of weakness. This too is the case with insecurity. You think you’ve landed a knock-out punch but for some reason – there it comes back in full swing!

I got to thinking about what my journey of tackling insecurities recently, as we prepped for publishing the 2nd edition of “Reinvented: Challenging insecurities to live authentically through faith” – and what got me to wanting to share my story in the first place. As I skimmed through the text’s pages, I thought to compile a list of some quotes from the book, simply because they summarise a lot of what makes me so passionate about my work in ministry, business development for entrepreneurs, inspirational speaking and most notably, transformational writing.

You may find it interesting that I haven't read my book in its entirety since publishing it, but listening to the feedback of all who have read it has been incredibly heartwarming. As I flicked through the text's pages, it took me back to exactly what led me to sharing the words I wrote. And so allow me to give you a sneak peek into the book through 5 of my favourite excerpts from the text, which is available for order in paperback and Kindle editions here

I wish I could say there is a success guide or code-breaking exercise in figuring this game of life out. For me, my journey has been about fighting through negative self-fulfilling prophesies, pushing through insecurities and acknowledging my flaws, but not accepting them as my final sentence. I live today by grace, and am thankful that my senses come alive when I speak to women such as yourself.
Your beauty is more than skin deep, and your Creator, GOD Himself who needed no help to create you, wants you to walk in the knowledge that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Honour Him today by honouring His creation – YOU - and acknowledging that you are beautiful, that you are valuable and that you count.
A lot of life’s solutions only come when you close the door to the world and open yourself to spiritual maintenance, to a refining that comes only when you silence the voices and pave way for THE VOICE.
The truth is, we all have some demons we must confront and conquer, and part of the conquering process involves enduring some discomfort. Your struggle is just as valid as the next person’s and is relative. Don’t compare.
There is no time like now to re-engineer yourself to GOD’s original intent. I believe even as I find a deeper confidence in who GOD is in my life, who I am spans beyond the very meaning of the word Chiedza. What my name represents not only subconsciously functions as a cue with every interaction; but also a mental trigger from time to time that I’m the one called to bring light to that particular situation and by GOD’s grace and counsel - and I will.

There’s more where these quotes came from family and I hope my stories inspires you to harness the power that's bubbling on the inside. It all begins with surrendering yourself to the process of transformation and trusting that GOD wants to and will reinvent you if you ask him to.

Visit Amazon to order your hardcopy or download your Kindle edition! And off course, please do share the link to my website with your sister-circle. Am big on communities and would love the honour of growing with you!

To love, light and reinvention


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