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Introducing the #ReinventedBlogTakeOver

One afternoon I got to thinking about the multiple conversations I share during the course of the day, many of which are ignited by daily inspirational quotes I took to sending out to my contact list at the top of the year. The levels of creativity in our midst are astounding! The challenge however, lies in harnessing that creativity into something that’s symbolic of purpose and pursuit of wholeness.

I love hearing testimonies of women like myself, who while adapting to the changes that come with being a new mom or sitting in a class in a new scholarship programme, have unearthed gifts within themselves and taken to self-improvement. I also marvel at the varied opinions of people - men and women - navigating life as a millennial, challenged by the disparity between life as they envisioned it would be coming up, and the reality that is, sifting through choices presented from circumstances that many of them have had no control over. What's a fact is this, we have a lot to say. We have plenty going on in our minds and are all out on these streets looking for our happy - however that's defined.

So I thought what better way for some of the voices that are a part of my life to their stories of personal reinvention by taking over my blog for one week out of every month. At the rate at which ideas are flooding my head, it may very well be two!

I’m super excited about this roll-out for as you’ll not only get to hear some insightful stuff some of the amazing women (and men) I have been so privileged to work with or watch blossom, but I too get to learn from their magnificent exploits!

This week, we kick things off with The Queen Rutendo Mutsamwira, who I'm sure you have all come to know and love if you are socially inclined! A woman of diverse talents, I love her for her raw unadulterated quest to pursue excellence in all that she does. A networker, publicist, model, writer, spoken word artist and more, Rutendo just now turned 30 and her faith does all the talking for her! Do plug in every day of this week for posts and musings from The Queen - Rutendo Mutsamwira.


If you are keen to share your story of personal reinvention, tips to goal setting, dream chasing or any such musings of life as an African millennial on the path to personal discovery – I want to hear from you!

Register your interest by completing the form on my landing page and we’ll get to schedule your Reinvented.Blog.Takeover!

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