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Irine Matanga: "Sharing my story has brought a lot of liberty in my soul"

In our last installment of the author spotlight, we share with you Irine Matanga's take on what sharing her story through Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology. A woman with a heart for assisting others in their spiritual growth, it is clear that she chooses to see her glass half full at all times Check out Irine's musings

RT: Tell us about yourself: name, location, and why you are reinvented?

IM: My name is Irine Ruwadzano Matanga, I have been staying in UAE for the past 5 years.  I am reinvented because I have gone through a lot of challenging situations in my life, most of them were meant to destroy my faith but I am thankful to God that I have seen sufficiency of His grace in all these situations.

RT: What has the journey of sharing your story been like for you? Why do you believe now was the right time to give people an inside peek into what has made you the woman you are today?

IM: Sharing of my story has brought me a lot of liberty in my soul.  The word of God says he has given us the spirit of liberty but we only experience this liberty when we come to a place of being able to share freely with others what we have gone through in life.  I believe this was the right time for me do so because I felt in my spirit that as I share God is enabling me to help someone who is feeling defeated know that they are not alone but God is with them. 

RT: How relevant do you believe the message of combatting insecurity and pursuing an authentic existence is to today’s woman?

IM: I believe every woman is created with a spirit of conquering their life’s battles.  There is a uniqueness in every woman which needs each woman to explore and become who she is really meant to be in God’s eyes.  Every woman needs to know how special they are as God’s creation and this can only come to be when one pursues their life’s purpose fearlessly and move in the journey to become your authentic self.

RT: You have now added the title of “Author” to your list of accomplishments, or perhaps you fall under the list of women who long began telling stories through written content. Talk to us about why you believe it’s important for the African woman to be at the forefront of sharing her story, given today’s competitive media space.

IM: The book of Habakkuk says if it is not written it does not exist.  The only way other people may know about your story is when you put it down in writing, publish it either through book format or social media posts and even audio recordings.  Our stories can only be heard when they are written down and I am thankful to Reinvented & Victorious lead author Yvonne Mtengwa who pulled me out of my hiding to write my story together with 13 other women. 

RT: How do you hope your story will impact the lives of the readers of “Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology”?

IM:  To those who are going to read my story I hope they will learn that life can throw in a lot of negative situations in front of them but never give in to those challenges.  Hold on to your dreams, continue to be of service to other people and to God himself.  Just know that your life’s story is a testimony which someone is waiting to hear and it will definitely change their perspective towards life. 

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