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Life is a canvas and you, the artist!

"Life is a canvas. There is an artist in each of us, waiting to paint a masterpiece. Your actions are the brushstrokes on your canvas. How beautiful the artwork becomes is quite literally the product of time." - Yours truly

I remember sitting in my O'level Art class, and being given a big sheet of paper to work on over a period of two or three lessons. We would all start off with nothing - just a big sheet of paper - trying to figure out what we were going to paint or draw on it, whether it was going to be oil paints or charcoal sticks used to shade the sketch in, whether we would shade the whole sketch in or part of it. Overtime, with using materials of diverse textures, the blank sheet of paper started to morph into some type of drawing, or artwork, with depth, tone and so on.  We would often times hang the picture up and walk a few steps away from it, so we could view it from a distance. Perspective always changes when you take a look at something from afar doesn't it?


They say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Truth of the matter is every colour, dark or light, when blended together nicely, can create a beautiful painting. Seasons of joy and those of trial are part of our life's palette. With time, all of life's moments help us see and experience the power of faith, the intricacies of being present at each interval, the strength that evolves from perseverance, the rewards our gifts will grant, the make up of our characters and an understanding of who we have been called to be.

I spend a lot of time reflecting on how far life has taken me. The common revelation for me has been that every difficult time I have ever experienced has only made me stronger. I'm sure you can attest to having learned a thing or two about yourself or people during a season of pain. You see the humanity of mankind or the forces of contention that may take over in a period of panic. You may witness the artistry of actions driven by passion or the destructive nature of negativity and pessimism. But through it all, you learn - we all do, and we are left in a position of knowing more than we did before, or receiving a deeper revelation that transcends what we may have witnessed or experienced.

My message on this blog is really about encouraging us not to discount anything we go through. The colours of our lives may not blend as well as we imagine, but with a little time and patience, every brushstroke carries the potential to turn the whole thing into somewhat of a masterpiece! 

So take a second, take a few steps away if need be, reassess, breath, and understand that when all is said and done, it is well. It shall be well, all things are indeed working for our good - if we commit them to a power higher than ourselves.

GOD is real, and will help you paint your life's masterpiece. Will you trust Him though to show you how? Will you trust GOD to guide you through the techniques and the materials you must use to produce your masterpiece on that blank piece of canvas?

Your Reinvented Coach


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