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Louisa Choruma and her take on the African woman's voice and making an impact

RT: Tell us about yourself: name, location, and why you are reinvented? LC: My name is Louisa Conrad Choruma, daughter of the late Retired Brigadier Conrad Choruma and Regina ‘’Gina ‘’ Choruma. I am currently stationed in the Okavango Delta Botswana.

I chose to find Louisa after disappointment and disillusionment. I missed my old self…….Lou. I began to see glimpses of ‘’her‘’ in old photographs (where previously they were unrecognizable to me as if of a late cousin). Certain music had Lou singing along and this brought with it a familiar warmth that made me smile nervously! My then 5 year old is still an adventurous spirit – and daily she would ask me: ’’Mummy - where are we going today .’’ I would look at her with admiration and wonder where she got the bold,venturesome, fearless energy from? As the weekends wore on I realized she was Lou. I was that little girl once. My resolution came over 3 months. I wanted Lou back. I wanted to be her and my daughter needed her. And so since making the decision to get Lou back - I haven't looked back! RT: What has the journey of sharing your story been like for you? Why do you believe now was the right time to give people an inside peek into what has made you the woman you are today? LC: Some memories I wished I would never remember and some I desperately would love to feel with all my senses. Yoga however can bring you to that place and you can almost ‘’relive’’ those moments. Writing this piece was a form of yoga for me. I recalled, I wept, I smiled, I laughed and danced a bit! It was therapeutic as I had frequent dialogue with myself. What else could you have done? A child is a child.’’ The chronicling brought to the fore other hurts I had buried and avoided facing, subsequently healing as the ‘’wounds were open’’. For a couple of years I carried pain like a treasure chest – whose padlocks would ‘’rattle’’when certain triggers threatened to crack it open! It became to heavy and I too realized it was a hindrance to a life that was waiting for me.I had to open the chest. RT: How relevant do you believe the message of combatting insecurity and pursuing an authentic existence is to today’s woman? LC: As we venture into uncharted waters daily, the modern women has to believe in herself. We are constantly breaking out of the mould and trying the new and as we do, we oftentimes no longer have the forerunner in the form of a big sister, mother, mentor colleague neighbor to show us how its done. No. We are now our own heroines – we have to rely on ourselves for the healing, restoration ,willpower, coaching, victory! The potential in a woman is enormous and in the last decade we have had numerous firsts from women- than in the previous decades. Without disregarding the internal battles they endured and won, I'd like to mention some women who I have found to be incredibly inspirational during my season of reclaiming myself and worth.

 Celebrity Chefs with TV shows and Cook Books – Siba Mantonga  Women TV producers - Connie Ferguson, Shirley Frimpong Manson’  Award winning Actresses – Danai Gurira  Pink Skies – Air women - Chipo Matimba  Hoteliers such as Hazel Gumpo RT: You have now added the title of “Author” to you list of accomplishments, or perhaps you fall under the list of women who long began telling stories through written content. Talk to us about why you believe it’s important for the African woman to be at the forefront of sharing her story, given today’s competitive media space? LC: Tsitsi Dangarembwa, Yvonne Vera and Petina Gappah, Chimandama Ngozi are some of Africa's leading female authors! Whilst Tyler Perry continues to give the world an intense insight into the different facets of the American society …..these lionesses have already done this for Africa through their literary work! Yvonne Vera is still very much alive in her words, message, teaching, lesson. In reading her work one experiences the passion and delicacy she wrote her pieces with!

We create, give birth, nurture,build. Tourists fly over 12 hours for the African sky. The sunsets and sunrises. By night – it's the stars . Nothing beats a double tot of Amarula Cream with crushed ice whilst sitting round a Mopane wood fire and staring up into the star- studded African sky. Africa is still untouched and virgin territory. And that is the same with a woman's voice. Yes she wears different shoes now than 20 years ago - but her core is the same. She has something to say, to create, to nurture, to edify and to build. She will always be intentional, relevant, authentic and appealing – just like the African sky! RT: How do you hope your story will impact the lives of the readers of “Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology”? LC: Simply put, I would love to bring back the culture of reading a good book! Reading opens the mind and boosts imagination. Creativity and innovation are birthed as we experience and uncover aspects of ourselves and our society through someone else's eyes!!This personal revelation bring is with resolutions which accepted honestly and positively will lead to the creation of legacies and empires!!

There you have it RT family! To read Louisa's story on her journey navigating intricate relationships - head on over to Amazon here to get a copy of her new book!

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