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More muscle for your hustle!

Each day I wake up I ask, and even more so when I leave the house and head out to work, I ask GOD for strength to conquer the day. “More muscle for my hustle” is my daily prayer because quite frankly, growing up and juggling multiple responsibilities often times leads to complete exhaustion and a mental block; times I dread greatly as they stifle my creativity. What 2019 has taught me thus far, is to be fair to myself, to pursue more opportunities to do the things that make my heart sing, and to contentedly resign to the fact that life is indeed a gift for which we have limited control.

Yes, as long as we are able, we will make plans to do this and that and tick boxes where we can, but again, this is done with strength that isn’t our own. I wish more of us understood that, which is why I thought to share with you my three top reasons for letting go and asking GOD for more strength to get through every day I’m blessed with:

1. Because life is too stressful when we become too controlling. I was a classic case of that woman who needed to be in control of everything. It was more of a fear-driven practice than it was a personal positive attribute. There were past seasons I relaxed a little, and trusted others to be a part of whatever was going on in my life, leaning on them more than I trusted that GOD would come through for me. Off course depending on man and fearing man more than GOD leads to disappointment. Asking GOD to turn this order around has set me free in many ways, and the days of experiencing anxiety from trying to do everything my way and in my strength, are few and far between. When I fall, the Holy Spirit my Helper shows up, picks me up and dusts me off for the next run. Trust and believe, He can do the same for you too!

2. Because letting go means you trust GOD more than you do yourself or others. Not easy. It’s not easy to let go and I know this. When you’ve gone through a thing or two – or more – there is a constant gnawing at you to take control, grab the reigns and take center-stage. This isn’t always a bad thing, however it’s important that our actions are guided by a calm spirit and sound mind.

Trusting GOD means you often have to detach yourself from your expected outcome, allowing yourself to be comfortable with whatever the outcome. Trusting GOD also means you are confident that He has your best interests at heart and knows what’s best for you – and that in itself is incredibly liberating!

3. Peace that surpasses understanding is really all that we need to get by. Ever found yourself confronted by a seemingly hectic day ahead, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry? My “more muscle for my hustle” prayers come in real handy here because quite frankly, some days start off with us being confronted by huge mountains and a myriad of voices speaking to us about all the impossibilities that loom ahead. Hardly a way to start the day!

Working in the fast-paced world of PR has taught me many things, most important of which is that GOD always makes it all work out. I've seen potential disasters turn into a lunch filled with laughs and reflection of how much of a near miss we've survived. I've seen drama calm all the way down through the cohesive efforts of people who carry positive energy rather than focus on the intensity of the madness that surrounds us.

I've relied heavily on the decision to welcome inner peace in moments i've just described. Sometimes we don't have the answers right away, and are pressed on every side to produce solutions with limited forewarning. I've learned since pursuing a more intentional mantra to living, that if you give your all and call on Him to come to the rescue at the drop of a hat, everything seemingly aligns with your heart’s prayer. When everyone around me is going a tad crazy, I have on countless occasions experienced such calm just by saying “Lord, help.” The results over time have shown, and I carry no doubt that He is my go-to for wisdom, peace and understanding at all times.

My encouragement to the people I'm so graced to spend my time with, is to live life in a constant state of gratitude, asking GOD for help always, even when everything is seemingly under control. The truth of the matter is, we never know when the prayers we've banked may need to be withdrawn. Ask GOD for brawn, for more muscle to tackle the challenges that lies ahead, however big or small, exciting or less than. Then choose to maintain your peace during the roll-out process. Life is too short to live it in a state of chronic anxiety.

Onward with continued personal reinvention!


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