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My 3 top tools for ushering in clarity in the midst of life's noise

Boom! And so half the year is pretty much done! And you know what? Burn out is real y’all!

Every female entrepreneur – or woman just trying to get her stuff together out there can relate to the strain that comes with wearing multiple hats. Whether you wear your student cap after a long day at the office or are having to pull together Power Point presentations in between diaper changes and night time feeds, it can all become a balancing war. It is for this reason that we should take some time out to intentionally focus on getting some mental and physical rest in, being present in those moments designed to bring you clarity and I say this all the time – shutting out the noise so you can acknowledge your emotional and mental state. With this being said, allow me to share with you some of the things that I take to doing to get myself back on track, especially when the weight of the hustle becomes carry along day in and out:

1. Get out and get some air.  Whether you are a sedentary worker cooped up in-front of multiple screens all day long or constantly on the move from building to the expressway to the next building, we do need to take a break from the monotony of being in hustle mode. Find out which part of your busy day you can fit in a walk or light jog outside just to clear your head. You’ll burn a few calories but if done right, you’ll also get to appreciate how nice your neighbourhood is, watch the sun rise or set, and hear some birds chirping. Nature’s sounds can be cathartic – get on it.

Should time permit - which it should, and this is the point of this blog - to create more time :) - go out on an impromptu date with you loved ones. Whether it's swinging by the ice-cream parlour with the kids, or spending an entire afternoon on a Jamaican boat party like my Hubs and I did not too long ago - find that thing that reels it all in for you. Monotony sucks, and does have a way of taking the spark out of anything that typically excites you. Switch things up by allowing a break from the daily grind to take place. Trust me when I say this - it does make a difference! 

2. Get off the “Gram”. Or any other mobile app you may spend copious amounts of time on. Once upon a time I downloaded an app that collated how much time I not only spent on my phone, but also brought to light the biggest thieves of time as it related to my phone use. Between non-stop chats on Whatsapp, combing through my favourite Instagram feeds, and reading up commentary on political matters via Twitter – all this connectivity and scrolling actually added to the “noise” I mentioned earlier. Getting you back on track with the things that matter often means you need to switch off from the things that aren’t priority. You and I could all do with limiting time on the phones and gadgets. Get off them!

Let me not even get started on Netflix! Listen. Once upon a time I was one of those that couldn't wait to be done with all my meal preps so I could lay out on the couch and watch a straight season of RHOA or GOT. That stopped many seasons ago though. I know many of us love us some mindless TV, but the idea is to disconnect bring everything back to neutral without losing necessary sleep or rest time in the process. Binge anything is never good, so like social media, mobile apps, tablets and such, watch how many hours you are spending following the lives of others when that time could be spent getting your own life together. 

3. Connect with the important ones in your circle of life. My babies have a way of bringing to light what’s most important – them and my marriage to their daddy. Funds and time permitting, a weekend getaway is always a win, or keeping all the way regular - a day out at the park or simply starting the day off with brunch before coming back home and huddling on the couch with ice cream and a movie, really ministers to my soul.

An extension of this exercise could be giving that girlfriend or two or more a call and banding together for a coffee and good conversation. We all have those wonderful people in our lives that make life beautiful. Be it your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends or whoever – be intentional about the time you set aside to connect with them. Oftentimes in one form or another, they bring to focus your priorities and also bring meaning to the things you are trying to sift through.

Truth is, we all have our own special well to reel everything back in. Trust the process, while still allowing yourself to consider other methods of re-calibrating as well. Pursue clarity always and strive to stay clear of the things that add to an already overflowing or grossly over-stimulated plate. Efficiency and excellence comes with consciousness. Be present in the moments you are blessed with and enjoy your world as best you know you can. You and I only get one life! Go out there and reclaim life, and all the sane moments that make it beautiful!

My warmest, 


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