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My top 3 reasons for a voluntary lock-in!

I had just survived yet another incredibly busy week. You know the kind where you dread it when it starts and struggle to remember what day it is in the midst of it. The good news was all the stuff I had been anxious about worked out incredibly well. An excellent international media fam trip, the launch of a new project and supporting campaigns, raving reviews on the work we had put out – but I was bushed. The end of the week rolled around and I felt like I had been dragged through a hedge several times before being hit by a sledge hammer.

So what did I do to counter my fatigue? I embarked on my tried-and-tested method of re-calibrating – the voluntary lock-in! I’m big on silencing the noise because quite frankly, in my line of work, juggling side hustles and trying to maintain a wholesome balance between that and being a good wife and mom (my most important roles in life), there are often times more wheels to keep rolling at any given time than two, three or four. I shut things down for a day or two of nothingness beyond eating and sleeping from time to time for several reasons, but here are a my three top reasons why

I have adopted a lock-in strategy when things get a tad hectic:

1. Because rest is a prerequisite for doing life well. Your body is not a machine. Neither are your mind and spirit. All three elements constitute the entire make-up of your being and should therefore be given the much needed rest they need to recuperate. Lack of rest will lead to burnout, burnout of which may land you in a medical center somewhere. So prioritise rest without compromise, you will thank yourself later.

2. Taking stock of what's going around you helps keep you present. It's hard to appreciate the good around you if you don't take a second to breathe. It's even harder to align your goals if you don't have visibility over areas of improvement. In the fast-paced world of PR, projects come and go such that you rarely get an opportunity to review key learnings until the next big launch rolls in. As you raise children, if you don't get out of the day-to-day routine of managing schedules and actually tune into what's going on in their lives, you'll miss some pivotal moments of their growth - moments you can't get back. So stay present. Slow things down from time to time so you can truly appreciate what you've got going on and rewrite the paragraphs of the things that need improvement.

3. Shutting out the noise helps connect with your spiritual center. The most important of my three key reasons to be honest. I pray as a I go a lot, but love the moments I get to lie in bed and listen to sermon after sermon, talking to GOD about what's on my heart. It's cathartic and brings everything back down to what matters - living life in a state of perennial peace, joy and right thinking. Others meditate, I pray and watch sermons that boost my morale and remind me of how good life is because of GOD's grace. How do you keep your spirit fed?

Life carries with it seasons of stretching, but truth of the matter is one must keep going. Everyday presents an opportunity for us to take stock and focus on what matters. What is your mantra for simplifying things when it all gets too hectic?

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