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My top 5 reasons why you should get started on "that thing" right away!

I had a chuckle the other day when one of my girlfriends chimed into a conversation on New Year’s resolutions, saying hers were the same as those from other past years – “lose weight, make more money, work harder etc.” This got me thinking about how many of us really take time to break our goals down to consumable bites so we don’t end the year not having checked a single goal off the list because they were too daunting and not really well thought out to begin with.

Getting started.

Prolific author and motivator Stephen Covey reminds us that, “Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.” We’ve had an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and shortcomings of 2017, some of us even going as far back as thinking through the reasons why we didn’t complete the task list we laid out 10 years ago.

I get it. I’ve had times I’ve asked myself why I hesitated then and what was so different in that time from now. Truth of the matter is, there are a host of variables that must come together for you to establish momentum and forge ahead with the task at hand. But these things almost always fail to come together in a manner that you would have envisioned and therein lies the hustle. Some of my biggest achievements have come not from meticulous planning, but quite literally, making the decision to just go for it and trusting GOD and my commitment, aided by planning, to bring it all together.

Overthinking things has a way of introducing reasons why now isn’t the right time, and before you know it, it’s “Happy New Year 2022 to you!” - and you’re still sifting through old journals and repackaging goals you’ve had all of the past five years! So without going into a whole lot of added verbiage to get to the point, here are my top reasons why NOW is the right time to seriously see your goals through this time:

1. There is only one YOU created to achieve those specific goals. Because there is only one you roaming the surface of this earth, your goals and dreams are specific to you! Compelling reasons may be similar to the next person – like we all need to get an education and garner more skills to get ahead in life and such – but only you are equipped to lay hold of what GOD has lined up for you. If you leave the earthly realm not having mustered the courage to get started, your hopes and dreams join the millions of others piling up in burial sites across the globe! Morbid, I know, but truth.

2. You have everything you need to get started towards your success story. I listened to a compelling podcast not too long ago, where the speaker said that every inherent desire we carry, GOD has already lined up the arsenal needed to ensure success – if we do our part. I believe this without a shadow of a doubt. Challenges arise when we tank out and lose steam, relinquishing the thoughts of possibility that got us started in the first place. Whatever it is you want to achieve, if you press play and stay committed to the grind, the results will start to show. GOD will bring people, money and resources to fill in the gaps and hopefully, your faith and ambition will power the rest. You have everything you need to get started. JUST START.

3. Because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. ( DJ Khaled’s song “Fed up” starts ringing in my ears - *shakeshead). How many more times will you see others live out their best life in meeting, in passing or while you actively follow their story as you look for inspiration to begin writing the introduction to yours? I know you can relate to the sense of achievement you get from getting one thing on your list of goals out of the way. When that goal comes to pass, you almost always forget the toil as you bask in the sweet smelling scent of victory. You want to win, and are tired of being on the giving end of accolades when there is so much within you to give to the world. Stop procrastinating and start mapping out your strategy for getting it together! Trust me when I say this, your life will thank you later!

4. You deserve to win! Seriously though, we fail from time to time, but who wants to get through life losing ALL the time? “I want to be a loser!” – said nobody, ever.

5. Achievement feels good. I’m sure there are studies out there that illustrate the positive effects of feeling good about yourself. I find as I go after my goals, a surge of inspiration takes over which leads me to something new and in alignment with my current list. Nothing beats finding your footing and experiencing bolstered levels of confidence from succeeding at the things you pursue. So whether you lose 3 kilos at your next weigh in, move from smoking a pack a day to half a cigarette, get to spend more relaxing time with your kids, take a trip around the world with little to no money in your pocket (I'm still working at having that level of courage!) or close your next investment deal, celebrate that, and use those vibes to energise you into your next big thing!

Moving forward, challenge yourself to do one thing a day that contributes towards something you have on your goal list. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is; it will count. Oftentimes we struggle to get started because we want to have all the ducks in a row. As I mentioned before, it’s very rare to get perfect conditions. Start with what you have. GOD asked Moses to throw his stick in the face of Pharoah, and we know how that turned out! What I’m getting at is - you’ll get there if only you get started.

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