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My weekend spent with Les Brown: 10 fave quotes from Cha-Ching 3.0

Mic drop moment after mic drop moment! The Cha-Ching 3.0 event that took place in Dubai last weekend was everything an established and budding entrepreneur needed to get their dose of live motivation for weeks, and a fitting way to end off the 2nd month of 2020s first quarter. Mine was a last minute decision to join the thousands of delegates that would crowd the Dubai World Trade Center on February 28 and 29th. So glad I made it!

The crowds came hungry to learn, and off course, my girls and I were out here looking for more nuggets we could add to our recipes for total success! A multitude of topics were covered with a keen focus on how everyone in the room had an opportunity to take their passion into profits, upgrade their social media savvy, become speakers on world stages and so much more. Let’s face it; if growth is your agenda, you will have to take an active role in investing in yourself. Attending this event was super rewarding for me, and so without further ado, allow me to share some of my favourite quotes from Les Brown that reminded me of the work it takes to fight for the person you want to become!

The man had us all leave our homes on Friday and Saturday, EARLY morning so we could tune in to what he had lined up to share with us. May the great motivator’s words encourage and inspire you as they did me…

1. “The mind believes, but the heart knows.” – Les Brown

You aren’t crazy. There are some things that are so deeply etched on your heart that you don’t operate at your optimum unless you activate them. I can relate. It took me ten years to begin penning down my first book, which you can find on and now – in the space of 2 years – I have published 2 and am getting ready to launch the next. It has taken my mind meeting my heart to get things going. Listen intently to both and you will discover your next somewhere along that journey.

2. “What you produce, earn and create is a result of your thinking”.

Only a total mindset shift will keep us from doing the same stuff that got us in the mess we find ourselves in in the first place. If the thinking’s wrong, the results will show. Ever tried to start working on a project or assignment you knew was hard, but also knew there was no way out except to push through? The more walls you scaled and climbed over the bigger your confidence grew. Same thing. The better you get at changing your thinking, the more light you’ll see shine through. You have a choice people! We all have a choice!

3. “Define yourself. It doesn’t matter what happens to you in life”.

Huge! If I stayed caught up in the pains I suffered, the opinions of others and the things I failed at like not completing my undergraduate degree alongside my classmates – I would never have moved into my life of seeking purpose and abundant living. Define yourself by looking not at what negative things may have happened in the past and staying there, but rather focusing on the lessons learnt from these things and choosing to fight through the pain. I didn’t graduate then but graduated later anyway! A Masters’ degree later and that failure at the time isn’t even relevant anymore. I stand next to the best of them.

4. “You’ve got to be hungry!”

Arguably one of Les Brown’s most famous quotes! You’ve got to be hungry for success. You’ve got to want to see your life change so much that you’ll do everything good, noble and pure to achieve it. We friends, have got to decide to do more than stop at the entrée! In 2007 I packed a bunch of military style bags and left the United States for my home country of Zimbabwe. I had no plan but knew where I was no longer served me well. That was the best decision I ever made and I’ll forever be thankful to GOD that He made me listen!

5. “There’s more in you! Continue to stretch and become a risk-taker”.

Everything you need to get started and win at life is within you. The bigger question is whether or not we believe we have what it takes. Sadly, a good number of us let our doubts control us, which in itself as a high-octane prohibiting factor. You survived the move to a new country. You got promoted at the job you didn’t think you were qualified for. Believing in yourself involves risks that are oftentimes worth taking.

6. There’s no safe position in playing it safe”.

Asks someone who’s made millions trading on the stock market how risk taking played a role. What about you going out to pitch for new business or heck – getting into your car to go to work every day? Fact is some level of risk taking is necessary to make good progress. Are you holding onto your safety net or willing to take a leap of faith in the hopes that maybe – just maybe, there’s a win on the other side of that leap?

7. “It’s my time and I’m bringing it in!”

If not you then who? If not now, then when? We seem to think we have a lot of time to get things done. The reality is that with each minute that passes by, the time we have to get started and make a difference dwindles. Need I say more?

8. “Work on your mind. You don’t get in life what you want, you get what you are”.

This ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why we create vision boards or ought to spend time listening to or reading good content. Everything good or bad begins in the mind and so it’s up to you and I to feed it well.

9. “Invest in developing your communications skills because once you open your mouth you tell the world who you are”.

I know a lot of people who have built lucrative businesses just from knowing how to communicate. Heck – blogging developed my writing skills which a few years later, gave me the gusto to try out a career in PR. Multiple huge campaigns and brands I’ve worked for later, I credit developing my communications skills for the many professional wins I’ve experienced over time. No good transaction happens without solid comms in between. Be clear about what you want and know how to communicate the same. We have not because we ask not.

10.“Upgrade your relationships. Who you run with is who you’ll end up with”.

*With the Queens @Claire.Fealy and @BeingMarciaMcCleod on IG. Do pop by and show them some love!

Social or relationship capital has been integral to my personal growth and reinvention, professional promotion and more importantly, maintaining a great balance across all the areas that stretch and carry demands on us. You want to move with people that challenge you to be a better version of yourself. Everyone else has other roles to play in the lives of others. Don’t sign yourself up for messy kinds of relationships. Again, life’s too short.

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Love and light!


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