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Norah Spie weighs in on her new book "Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology"

Her chapter is titled "Some thorns have roses" which in itself is a thought-provoking statement. Reinvented Today caught up with Media & communications powerhouse Norah on what it was like to be a part of this co-authored project, and here's what she had to say:

RT: Tell us about yourself: name, location, and why you are reinvented? NS: Norah Spie, Johannesburg, South Africa.

To me reinventing oneself is about being intentional about who you are and what you stand for. I changed my course to be alignment with my true self and purpose.

RT: What has the journey of sharing your story been like for you? Why do you believe now is the right time to give people an inside peek into what has made you the woman you are today? NS: This has been a healing journey, as I put words to paper, I went through the emotions and at the same time got a deeper understanding of how God had presented himself in my life to prepare me for who I am today.

RT: How relevant do you believe the message of combatting insecurity and pursuing an authentic existence is to today’ woman. NS: Like fear, if insecurities are not dealt with, they can hinder progress and cause identity crisis. Knowing who you are is an essential ingredient to success and life purpose fulfillment.

RT: You have now added the title of “Author” to you list of accomplishments, or perhaps you fall under the list of women who long began telling stories through written content. Talk to us about why you believe it’s important for the African woman to be at the forefront of sharing her story, given today’s competitive media space. NS: For too long the voice of the African woman has been absent in mainstream media, yet she is the one with the most stories which are often shared verbally and therefore not documented and shareable. It is now time to capture these stories and experiences so that they can inspire others and ignite the spark in others. RT: How do you hope your story will impact the lives of the readers of “Reinvented & Victorious: The Anthology”? NS: I hope it will make them stop and think and then realise that every little thing happens for a reason and for a season!

Norah's chapter is both thrilling, as much as it challenges us to pursuing a deeper understanding of who we are through a vertical relationship with GOD. Head on over to grab your copy of this transformational masterpiece here

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