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Of kicking FEAR to the curb

Fear can be crippling.

It saps us of our ability to think rationally and hinders the creative process. Yet so many of us are plagued by it in varying forms. Fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of success (yeah that's right!), fear of being, fear of relationships, fear of connecting, fear of doing, fear of getting started..."False Evidence Appearing Real" in the words of Joyce Meyer, or convincing yourself that something is or could be when it isn't or doesn't have to be. Whatever our fears are, if we are saying we are people of faith, how can the two co-habit within us?

I didn't realise how much I was silently grappling with fear until a friend of mine quite literally confided in me on something that was plaguing her. As she spoke I caught myself giving her advice yet in that same moment, questioning myself why this advice I was sharing - which she thought was pretty eye-opening might I add - wasn't something I had managed to convince myself of as well. As she spoke I caught myself thinking - "Girl??? that's me!"

Don't you find it funny to be giving someone some pretty impressive pointers about what to invest in, how to save money, what meal plans to prep to maintain a good dietary plan, yet you are way off the mark in your person journey? Isn't it a difficult space to be in when what you are seeking and positively speaking into the lives of others, yet you are struggling to get a grip on a tonnes of things in your own life. That is what FEAR does. It dots in and out of our lives - cleverly - consuming a piece of us little by little until it becomes this giant, hard-to-destroy monster!

This year, we are picking a side. This year, now, I implore you to start thinking and seeing things differently because well...your future depends on it. It's next to impossible to combat something you won't acknowledge. If you are struggling with getting out of your fearful ways, perhaps its time to start unearthing how you got there in the first place.

What experiences have stuck with you to date, robbing you of your ability to think outside the box?

What "No" did you receive in life that has hindered you from seeing all the possible "Yes's" that could come your way with exertion of a little effort?

What's keeping you from starting that business or applying for that job?

How will you address the fear that's preventing you from being the best version of yourself?

Challenging fear...


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