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Promoting your hustle online? Check out these simple tips for curating great content

We love us some social media folks! It has quite literally revolutionised the way we promote our businesses and brands in a targetted and cost effective manner - something that we need given the level of competition out there. We all have something to say, but how do we ensure that our messages resonate with the people whose attention we are trying to capture?

I became a communications strategist out of sheer curiosity on the consumer psyche. What makes people buy what we are selling or listen to what we are talking about? For those of us in business, given the competitive landscape that adds another layer to the challenges of running a business that actually pays, does what we have to say really amount to anything? Can we really win at business without promotions, advertising, PR or social media and digital marketing? I'll tackle that subject in another post, but for today, I'd like to chime in on the subject of content elements and why and how they can help you with sustaining viable marketing efforts.

1. Content - and consistency in producing it is key. Friends, people only buy what's in front of them. People only listen to what captures their attention. The quality of your content and the consistency by which you publish will help set the tone of your messaging. You want people to after a little while, come to appreciate who you are and what you are really about. If you don’t share anything about yourself - often - no one will know anything about what you do or sell. And if they don’t know who you are, what you do or sell, where’s the buy-in?

2. Don’t compromise for “likes”. Be clear about what you stand for. Unless it’s an attempt at a bad PR stunt and there is real reasoning for the madness, you should never find yourself in spaces that contradict the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Mmm…how else can I say this? We don’t expect to see a religious leader dropping it like it’s hot in the club. Let’s organize ourselves please. The threat of smartphones and lurking cameras is real and once sharing takes place…it can very well be the end of you and all you've worked so hard to build.

3. Focus on your interests. Much like point No. 3, true winners focus on what they excel in and the areas that invoke real interest in them. Curate content focused on what interests you, because in doing so, your enthusiasm on the topic really shines through. You will not catch me talking about space because I can’t be asked about the solar system, asteroids, rocket launches and so on. I left that in mandatory science classes and never looked back. Similarly for you, your best shot a success will come if your platform for engagement is tied to your interests. Asking yourself what you want to be known for or as is a good place to start. Then create content that's based on that in relation to what you do.

4. Develop content that encourages connection and collaboration. I credit a good bit of my growth over the years to my desire to connect with like minds and individuals with similar interests. Pursuing opportunities to collaborate is a great way to tap into new audiences. Brands need people. People need brands. Collaborations work wonders in showcasing the people behind the brands. And when collaborations do happen - it's almost always a win for all.

5. Create content for fun. What's life without fun y'all? I’ve had some of my most enjoyable moments creatively as I worked on my brands. Find your spark as you write, photograph, audio record or film. Your passion for what you do always shines through if you have fun doing it. From writing articles and blogs to designing visual assets for a social media campaign – I like to look at it as having fun as opposed to “doing work”. It’s your brand so you enjoy the great privilege of going wild within reason. Create content that's fun so your audiences enjoy taking it in and experience your personality and that of your brand.

What say you? How do you go about creating content for your brand or business?

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