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#Reinvented Meet-Ups: A platform for honest conversation on the authentic self

To the incredible women that were a part of my first Reinvented event – I thank you! You will never know how much your presence blessed me.

I thought I would have a chance to share a blog on how absolutely incredible the morning of August 25th was, but it seems time when in Harare is always characterised by back-to-back meetings, squeezed in coffee breaks, visits with relatives, pop-ups by more relatives, playdates, the joys of whatsapp calling, driving a few hundred kilometers to see this and that, and so on. I have been spending a chunk of August in Harare for many years now, simply because for me, this is an opportunity to not only check in on the people that are most dear to me, but I also get to press the reset button; think through my goals for the remainder of the year and minister – something I am so deeply passionate about and still trying to figure out how to do more of it more effectively while juggling family life and a demanding career in Abu Dhabi.

Enter #Reinvented Meet-Ups…

Since launching “Reinvented: Challenging Insecurity to Live Authentically through faith” – I’m still pinching myself at what the whole thing has morphed into. I remember flying to Botswana, without having seen the physical copy of the book, but sensing the excitement in my parents’ voices after they had picked up the first prints. I remember the feeling of selling my first copy at the Eagles Ministry Conference in Botswana – like “Wow…I am an author now, I have a published book”. went live that morning, and two days later I was sitting in a lounge at O.R. Tambo, headed back to Abu Dhabi, so I could be in office the following day. I poured my soul into each word shared in the text and so when I handed it over to Mentor, Coach and Sister Pastor Cynthia Hakutangwi for editing and publishing – I was empty. There was nothing more to say except “GOD have your way with this book and may it help someone. Have your way with me LORD, so I can do the work that lies ahead.”

Today, I am more than grateful!

Eight months later, after experiencing warfare that could have easily broken me, I remain steadfast in the belief that if you are asked of GOD to do something, contestation from the enemy will come. The devil doesn’t want to see you flourish in your calling neither does he want you to listen to GOD – so he will fight you. I was fought yet I turned to the only place I knew could save me, after having been saved countless times before – to GOD. Looking back I know that what I went through – between August and December of 2018 – not to mention the cancer scare of March 2018 – was all part of GOD’s plan to equip me with a message that would help more women to choose to live an authentic life over one of walking in shoes we do not fit in.

Saturday morning, August 25th – 30 women gathered in a little conference room at the Mustard Seed Café in Harare – and we talked to one another. I wanted an intimate meeting so women could actually speak to each other without feeling intimidated or insecure while in a big room full of strangers.

Our speaker Wadzi Phiri took us through all the elements for consideration in our quest to be women of authenticity. How do we deal with disappointment and rejection? What words do we speak to ourselves? Are we hiding behind the layers of make-up, the closets full of Gucci purses and the first class flights across the globe? What about society’s expectations, and notions that we see cripple women left right and center because well “if you aren’t married you aren’t whole…” or “you pray so you can’t possibly struggle with depression.” It was a beautiful morning and I was so blessed by every testimony, and every narration of triumph over trial shared. I saw the eyes of silent women speak and was deeply honoured to be part of such an inspired morning.

I pray that GOD will grant me the opportunity to host more #Reinvented Meet-Ups” as the journey to unpacking our truth continues. I made new friends, I reconnected with others, a key highlight being my mom and some of the aunties who stood in prayer for me during my darkest times were also in the room, ministering to us, the younger versions of themselves.

This note is to thank each and every women who believes in what the Reinvented movement is all about. The Reinvented message belongs to every woman – from those who have read the book to those who are on a quest to rediscover themselves. I pray that as we go on with our lives in our respective places, we remember who we are, whose we are, and how much power we harness if only we were to believe it!

Let’s get #Reinvented!


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