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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: Closing remarks - and engaging for growth.

Do you have your own community routing for you?

Before I started blogging, I used to think that only organisations required strategies for success. Going through a few blogs of prominent people and also studying some of their profiles, I realised there is more work than meets the eye. One needs to be well-packaged not only to attract an audience but to also be able to feel confident about themselves and whatever businesses they take part in.

Which brings me to my closing remarks for this week - your strategy in enhancing your brand's traction and making new friends. A strategy is an action plan towards a goal. Part of your strategy in the development of your personal brand should be to build a clan, that is, a growing community of dedicated fans. You have to discover how to express yourself as the unique individual you are, and how to feed your audiences with the messages that are of interest to them.

Want to be influential? Build a circle of friends that are busy doing something that you all can benefit from each other. Of course, there are a variety of ways you'll build your influence as you build your personal brand. A simple start is to use social media to have an impact on the society you live in – but don’t get too addicted such that you seize to be productive! Seek to grow real relationships beyond the online space for that is where the true connections occur.

Create content. Your personal brand is reflected in the content you create and share. Creating content to showcase your expertise must be at the core of your personal branding efforts.

Connect and stay connected. The development of your personal brand, and ultimately, your ability to capitalize on it is derived from the connections you make. Every connection you make should be to grow you and help you in terms of your brand. Remember birds of the same feathers flock together. Study the network of successful friends and leaders in your niche and follow their lead.

Think big and do not limit yourself. Never let any situation or circumstance to bring you down, be able to back down a bit and take a break but be always ready to re-energize. Have confidence to reach out for mentorship and seek advice!

It’s been a good run sharing my musings on the basics of building your personal brand. Being on a quest to build mine, every exercise is an opportunity to engage, learn and grow from the opportunities that come your way. Commitment is key to growth and achieving results you can be proud of including building a brand that impacts people beyond our space.

Till our next encounter on,

Tatenda Rungisa

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