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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: Impact of leveraging your personal brand

People – and organisations - stand out once they have managed to establish concrete, relatable brands that warrant loyalty from customers. In today’s competitive business environment, it may seem nearly impossible to stand out, however many have succeeded in doing so by employing an effective strategy that allows them to leverage their brand and personal attributes. Having a strong brand offers numerous opportunities that you can leverage for continued growth. Allow me to outline some basic results from my personal experience that may stem from harnessing your brand:

1. You become more resourceful. For whatever reason people believe that since they have co-founded an organisation, they must know everything about how every respective function works; that if you are the business owner you must also be an ace in financial management and a trailblazer in business improvement or analysing an extensive series of metrics. This is not the case. For me, the last year of developing my personal brand has forced me to research equipment, applications and tactics to make my content more compelling, simply because while I am an HR practitioner, I am working on building my name across other areas, so need to learn the basics required to get me beyond the starting point. I believe for instance, that as we move closer and closer to a mobile-only Internet ecosystem it's crucial to know what applications are available for you to leverage for efficiency.

2. You expand professional network. It's funny what happens when you produce content around your career and your beliefs. It attracts an audience that's like-minded and interested in what you have to say. In my case, writing more about my brand and interests has helped me to meet and interact more with people keen on enhancing their knowledge in my field. These opportunities have also paved the way for resource and knowledge-sharing – critical for anyone on the path for growth especially as it relates to growing their brand.

3. You are more careful about how you engage. Once you start working on your personal brand, you become more conscious of how you carry yourself, even paying attention to what you say in public or social media. You become more refined, detail-oriented and careful when it comes to engaging with audiences, ensuring that you manage your reputation and impact accordingly.

4. Your brand persona influences corporate image and culture, internally and externally. As an entrepreneur or business leader, when you work on your personal image and brand first it will dilute to the rest of the team and it will have an impact on the overall corporate culture. Just as God made us in his own image, a leader in the corporate world can ensure his employees are also look to him as a reference. This emanates from how he establishes himself first as a personal brand and how this affects the organization as a whole.

5. Your personal brand demonstrates commitment to personal development. Personal branding comes with personal reinvention. When establishing a brand there are a lot changes that come with this. It might be hard at first but it is wise to embrace changes and allow

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