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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: Know yourself

Who am I?

What Purpose do I serve?

What drives me?

What makes me unique from other people?

What are my values?

Every being on planet earth should be able to answer these questions. It might not be instantly but that is where the essence of discovering oneself comes from. I for one always asked myself the above questions, and seemed incomplete when other people spoke about their passions and what purpose they were serving in different capacities. It was after a full year of immense self -discovery that I found out what my purpose was all about. I took the following steps which guided me through it all:

1. Prayer. I remember praying fervently, seeking God to guide me through to discovering what my purpose was. Sometimes I wouldn’t listen as I struggled to reconcile what I thought my passion and purpose was with what GOD may have been saying at the time. I tried to take on many different interests, including cooking, but the thrill washed away so quickly. Then I pursued mentorship, and soon after went into baking, before making a shift again into HR Consultancy (what I studied for) but still I felt incomplete. I then took more time to praying and allowed patience to take over.

2. Leave your past behind. Everyone has a past, so do not carry regrets out of it but rather take it as a learning process. Know that you are human and do make mistakes. The key take away from making mistakes is getting up and trying again. When you made mistakes in the past, do not let that hinder you from taking another brave step to trying out something you feel most passionate about. Leave the past behind but take the lessons learnt with you.

3. Find your passion by distinguishing your thoughts from the thoughts of others. It is critical to note that in the society we live in there are a lot of activities going on and people have different times and seasons to discover themselves, actually accomplishing greatness through their given talent and purpose. In my road to self-discovery I realised that the ‘copy-cat’ syndrome can easily drown one to the point of confusion.

As I look back now I realise that the baking and mentorship were all not about me and what I am passionate about, but were all about my twin sister as she had found her passion in those two things. I was in the dark for some time believing my twin sister’s passion was also mine! Many people face the same scenario. Therefore, understand that the essence of distinguishing yourself come from introspection. You cannot discover your passion by following what others are doing without putting forward time to discover your gifts, talents and unique attributes.

4. Organize your world. When you make a decision to find yourself, you need to make a decision to also list down the order of priorities. Finding oneself is becoming aware of your true potential, motives and character. It takes drive and discipline to cut off all that is not making your passion grow bigger or more successful.

I discovered I had to prioritize my time and select activities I could forgo and those that had to be “must attends". To find yourself and brand yourself in a unique way you need to organize your world such that you do not spend much time on issues that do not grow you but rather spend time on building up what you have discovered. Just as in the process of farming there comes a stage to remove all the undesirable plants. Similarly, you should you also “weed out” the undesirables in your personal branding path.

Cultivating the path to purpose and knowing thyself,


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