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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: Of maintaining your personal brand

After cultivation, there is another season that follows: the season of maintenance and making sure that your seed will sprout and any threats to it are uprooted. This process applies also to establishing and maintaining a unique and strong personal brand.

1. Commitment. Reserve time every day to building upon your brand, and stick to that schedule as much as you can. Establish a daily plan or to do list and ensure that whatever you have set to achieve on that day, you do your best to follow through. Accept that there may be drawbacks and roadblocks along the way but commit to the journey that lies ahead.

2. Know your limits. It’s best to consider this before starting your branding efforts. Overdoing anything will eventually burn you out. Knowing your limits will help you garner traction by shaping your efforts in line with what you are able to actually do.

3. Learn to step away and relax. Much like knowing your limits, do not overwork yourself or set unrealistic targets for yourself. Everyone working on their brand can get sucked into a great number of activities from time to time. We all have branding responsibilities that we try to meet every day, but that can also cause multiple issues such as suffering burn out, causing inefficiency and missing out on other opportunities. Also, overworking leads to separation from your world which includes your loved ones. Step away when you are feeling overwhelmed, get re-energized and then continue where you left off.

4. Get out and network. It’s not enough to just create a blog or Facebook page and share your content or information about your services or products. It is only prudent to interact and network with those who reach out to you, are in the same line of business as you, or with those that can help as mentors in terms of your personal development. Attend as many events as possible as these are opportunities to establish more contacts and showcase more of what you do.

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