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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: Stepping stones

Sh'anesu Angela Gutsa, Co-founder and Mentorship Coordinator, TRGOZ

Sh'anesu speaks...

As a group of young people, we stand on the backs of those who have come before us and those that are still running the race in their different endeavours. We create our own paths in life, however, there is always a need for that "extra" support. One of the things that we do not take for granted is the shoulders that we stand on as a team. One of our core values is supporting young adults in building life skills that can equip them to be future leaders and changers of the world.

When one commences life in general, they have their parents or guardians looking after them, teaching them life skills, holding their hand and nurturing them. Once one reaches a certain age however, they slowly find themselves spreading their wings and figuring life out on their own as an "adult". We love that, we embrace that and we encourage that.

Nonetheless, we strongly feel that there still lies a need, deep within, for further guidance and more hand-holding, but on a deeper level. One never truly stops learning, and our grandparents are testament to this as they try to be tech-savvy, for example. Learning is an endless process, but it all comes at different stages and in different forms. If we could be more equipped to tackle the challenges that come with adulthood, even BEFORE we have to face them, surely we'd seize the opportunities, right?

In enters "mentorship", the magnificent yet simple solution that's sometimes perceived as complex. The Greatest of All Times (GOAT) will tell you that they would not be where they are now without some form of mentorship. In fact, if it wasn't a person they knew and spent a lot of time with who held their hand, it was probably somebody else who motivated them indirectly or remotely through a one-time encounter.

Now, what is a mentor? Well, at TRGOZ, we define mentors as "facilitators and teachers who assist their mentees to discover their own direction by offering advice and guidance." A mentor is a great source of information and knowledge, and typically possesses more expertise than the mentee, making the role of the mentor invaluable. The amazing women we call mentors within our organisation are chosen by looking at not only their level of seniority within the international Zimbabwean communities, but also other skills such as listening skills and a genuine commitment to advance young Zimbabwean women and girls' lives. For this purpose, we have a mentorship programme.

Our TRGOZ Mentorship programme is the all-inclusive description of everything done to support the mentees’ personal and/or professional development. No matter how much you know, no matter how smart, well accomplished and mature you are, we've discovered that at some point in life, mentorship will play a role in your success.

A mentor can even be someone you've never met, someone you admire and follow intently, watching how they've managed to become the person they are now, or even just someone you meet once who gives you a priceless piece of advice. That is what we call a Stepping Stone. That is what stirs reinvention within you.

By Sh’anesu Angela Gutsa Co-Founder and Mentorship Coordinator The Revolutionary Girls of Zimbabwe

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