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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: The Road to feeling whole again

Tatenda Rungisa, Blogger - The Revolutionary Girls of Zimbabwe

Tatenda shares her guide to good relationships

Life is a series of events, full of ups and downs and situations that may leave anyone in a perceived state of paralysis. At times, when faced with difficult situations, one may feel like there is only one option left - giving up. The strength to fight is gone and all one can do is drown themselves in sorrow and reminisce on what could have been.

I have lived that life, where all walls seemed to be closing in on me, where rejection occurred at the most painful stage of life, rejection from loved ones, the people I expected to be there for me, always. My life was filled with sadness, anger and pain, all the dreams I had sought to achieve no longer made sense.

It is love that brought me out of the dark, sad pit of misery. It is the comfort of people who had sought to build good relationships with me that held me up and helped me create a brand new life. I felt whole again, it is at that stage that I knew my life had been changed.

Over the past year and a half, I was taught something about transforming the life I had begun living to a life filled with purpose and happiness. In all the fruitful relationships I have had, I was taught two main lessons to help me face each day:

1) Have passion

Instead of spending half of my time without doing anything I loved doing, I was asked to find and pray for my purpose to be revealed. I then dedicated my time to finding exactly what I was passionate about, and at first I thought it was baking! But to my disdain (and absolute pleasure in the eventuality) I discovered baking wasn’t it, but I had one hidden passion that has now changed my life!

2) Be yourself

One good friend of mine who has helped me transform my life always placed emphasis on the need for me to “Be myself” and to take each day as it comes. She asked me to go through a route of self-discovery, to find out what I loved, my strengths and weaknesses and learn how best I can change into a better person.

In the end, personal reinvention hasn’t been easy, but it is absolutely essential. I learnt that no man is an island, and to feel whole again I had to associate with the right people who were genuinely there to help. Good relationships have a vital role in personal reinvention, they help fill in emptiness and help in provision of direction and advice.

By Tatenda Rungisa


The Revolutionary Girls of Zimbabwe

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