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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: We need more nation builders

We need more nation builders. Will you play your part?

God’s ways make no sense to man because His infinite wisdom is levels beyond and above our comprehension. Last week, I met up with a Facebook sibling of mine for the first time in “real time” over lunch. What was supposed to be a brain storming/what can we do to help rebuild our nation session ended up with us in the counsel of some of our country’s thought leaders and influencers.

I turned 30 this year and one of the things I am committed to doing is to play a more intentional role in the political discourse of our transitioning Zimbabwe. This, I believe is what I have constantly been reinventing myself for. Not for my gain or clout, but purely because I believe that God allowed me to go through a plethora of things ( drug and alcohol addition, multiple suicide attempts, near deaths, success, breakthroughs, the works!) to be able to relate to and empathise with whoever He assigns me to serve next.

As we were talking about our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the great 263, I shared my desire for political mentorship. Tired of drawing inspiration and stories from other great leaders, I wanted to learn from our own and immerse myself in “the system” so I can have a more holistic appreciation of our socio-political nuances and its numerous layers and facets. I was never ready for the response but it left me with a clearer direction, approach and framework as an African millennial thirsty to build. I decided to use the insight imparted to us that day and write a poem titled "We need more nation builders".

We need more nation builders

(A poem by Queen Rutendo Mutsamwira)

The revolution was televised, our participation sought and emphasized,

We need more nation builders today as our blindingly bright trajectory has been prophesied.

While it’s important to stream, post and share your thoughts,

When you depart will this be reflected in your life’s report?

When your sun sets what remains? The part you played for those who remain or the stench from the dreams you had to prematurely abort?

We need more nation builders because those before us failed, while they had their fault it’s largely because they built upon the sand.

Our continent is an orchestra so rich and so diverse. Besides, you can’t win as much when you play as a one man band.

Our collective and individual push ought to be utilitarian.

If not for us, then for those that remain and sprout after we are gone for our breakthrough has surely taken long.

We need more nation builders, let it be the anthem, and every generation’s song.

So, where is the correlation between personal reinvention and nation building?

Well, great African millennial, we no longer have the time nor the luxury to sit on the fence or stand aside and look while life happens around us. Whether you seek to serve in public office, your community or family, the fact remains; you have to allow yourself to evolve from who you are into who you are meant to be and it’s not just for or about you. The experiences we are afforded today are because of the men and women who, like you and I came to the realization that for their present and future, they couldn’t afford to remain cocooned forever.

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