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#ReinventedBlogTakeOver: What do THEY have to say about it?

Expressing your opinion is one of the few ways, if the not the only way, society progresses. Almost every change throughout history was only able to occur because someone communicated their belief that it should. If those thoughts were never verbalized, who knows if the change ever would have occurred.

- Katie O'Leary, Odyessy Online

While I was flattered and low key under pressure to share my views on the importance of personal reinvention for the African Millennial, I refuse to speak without hearing the views and opinions from a fragment of this demographic. Besides, inclusion, inclusion, inclusion!

We asked, through a random social media survey what personal reinvention means to African millenials and this is what they had to say:

“My idea of reinvention for this year has been about going back to basics. Finding my true self again, being more sensitive to my inner man and boldly walking in my truth. That has required me to shed off bad habits and people that I previously lost myself in. Only one month and still a long way to go but I feel more authentic and less pressure to please or try too hard. I thought this was relevant because reinventing yourself requires self - introspection and staying true."

- (Anonymous from the gram).


“Personal reinvention is essential and I think once the African Millennial begins to reinvent themselves, they can begin to understand their worth and their strength. Reinvention for me is setting aside all you know (social norms, education, status quo), in order to take in a new perspective, your own, of what is and determine what your truth and purpose is. From there then I think a person’s confidence, or convictions become grounded from within… and life’s meaning becomes deeper.”

- (Ngonidzashe Mubungani, Developer, Cape Town, South Africa)


“I’ve been wrestling with this concept myself today. This longing to reinvent myself, to crawl into my imagination and tear down these images that I keep playing to myself, that I’ve drawn of myself that I don’t want to be true anymore, these pictures that I’ve outgrown. I want to tear them down and start again on a blank canvas. I want to imagine a new me… One that has survived some painful experiences and who has come through, who has chosen a better way, a strong woman clothed in dignity, one who celebrates all of myself, the rough edges, the scarred places, the beauty and the one who is unashamed and free to offer myself to a broken world. I want to be able to crawl out of hiding in my imagination and reinvent myself somehow in reality. I have no idea how."

- ( Tanyse Jansen Van Vuuren, Artist, Counselor, Teacher, Harare, Zimbabwe)


“Going to a new or different level every year, what has always mattered is that I want it and this is the best path forward at that moment. That will raise my trajectory and lead to the challenges that will lead to personal transformation. So in essence, putting myself in a position where I can grow, where I can only grow if I am to survive.“

- (Heather Mavunga, Entrepreneur in Training, Accra, Ghana)


“Personal reinvention is the moment you make peace with yourself,confront your fears,start to believe in your abilities and change that brings happiness that comes from within.”

- (Elina Phiri, Facebook)


“I’m in a similar journey of reinventing myself to define my future and i think it starts being honest with oneself and loving one self.”

- (Palesa Hbic Nkopane, South Africa)


“To be able to reinvent yourself can only derive from a place of self love and appreciating the power you have as an individual. Very few people believe in treating themselves as a brand and by failing to grasp this concept I doubt one can reinvent something they don't own or believe in. I believe you reinvent yourself or your brand by staying true to who you are and what you stand for. What is your personal message or inspiration to the world? As you find and take ownership of your purpose , you will grow your footprint and at times within that footprint of network ideas of reinventing yourself or brand can be sparked.”

- (Lorraine Makhumalo SIbanda, Publicist, Blogger, Founder: MICHIko PR, Johannesburg, South Africa).

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