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Reset and game on!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Wow! If you’ve been following me across my social pages over the past few weeks, I’ve been going hard after a lot of the stuff that I believe I had allowed to lie dormant over the past year or so on account of being stuck in what I felt to be a highly toxic environment.

I was having trouble writing; and almost always felt anxious at the thought of spending most of my day accommodating the needs of a superficial group of humans. That to me spelt “imbalance” and the need to “reset and reclaim my life” for 2020. And so while many churned out the celebratory messaging that ushered in the New Year, I took to penning down a vision of what I would be doing differently this year as I continue to reinvent myself as a woman who wears many hats as well as the Reinvented Today brand – the turbines that powers the drive within me to help people looking to transition to their next level best.

In case you missed it, the first few weeks of the year looked a little like this:

- The Quintessentially Yvonne brand and Publicist arm of my portfolio of hustles is out with the tag-line “Everyday Reinvention”

- Have you checked out my new E-book – “Nuggets for a Reinvented Life”? It’s a short read available for download on Thanking all those precious Queens who have popped by my website to get their own copy.

- You’re on the all new Reinvented Today website. Again, I appreciate your love and you for taking time out of your day to check out what I’ve got going on. Keen to hear your thoughts!

And off course….

Last Saturday, on the first of the second month of this decade, I hosted the first Reinvented Today event of the year. The SOLD OUT event brought together beautiful gems all on a quest to win and do life better for this year and beyond!

Special shout to some fearless members of my tribe; sisters on the mission to empower women through their gifts – UAE based Marcia Mcleod and Blessing Zimowa, as well as my mentor and coach Cynthia Chirinda, affectionately known as “Cynthia C – The Kingmaker”, who flew all the way from Zimbabwe to drop some knowledge to the delegates in attendance. I am deeply humbled by the manner in which they believe in the Reinvented Today movement and the work we are doing together in spreading the message of the pursuit of innovation and authenticity. My heart is full!

L-R: Blessing Zimowa, Yours Truly, Marcia Mcleod and Cynthia C

Photo Credit: Manaka Creations

To every man and woman that was in the room on Saturday, thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life with you all! We’ve got many events lined up for the coming months – all of which are designed to be cool and curated for an individual on a quest for growth.

To become a part of the RT Tribe, don’t forget to pop by the Tribe Sign up page so you can be kept up to speed with what’s going on in the kitchen!

Till the next RT Blog!

Quintessentially Yvonne

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