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Tenacity, faith and getting back on your feet in the face of countless failures

2 Chronicles 15:7 - "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

It's not about what others see or say, but about what GOD sees in you and says about you! If you are plugged in, you will experience alignment with His view and mind, such that as you push along, you remain steadfast on His promises.

Yesterday I sat in a meeting where the most senior person at the table - a VP of such and such, talked about his first job being pizza delivery in a foreign land. He mentioned in part the adjustments of living as a migrant, the experiences of trying to navigate life in the phase of constant judgment and scrutiny, likely because he came from a very privileged background yet found himself working a job unimaginable because "he needed to learn a thing or two as part of his training." 

He was fired on the first day after being told he wasn't "built for the job". Yeap, he wasn't built for delivering pizza alright! He had bigger dreams for himself yet he was surround by people who either knew this of him, and saw how much potential he carried but felt so badly about themselves that they were happy  to indoctrinate him into their world of negativity. Conversely, it really good have been that he failed dismally at the tasks rendered to him - to deliver pizza in a timely manner to waiting customers across certain neighbourhoods in Toronto.

And so he failed, first (by getting fired) and probably failed several more times before making the podium to his current role of VP in a landmark organization, doing the things he truly enjoyed.  I don't imagine his journey having been easy, and would happily suggest that he has become a top executive by mere hard work and commitment to pursuing a strategy for his professional growth. Needless to say, I was encouraged by his story as I thought for a second about how far I’ve come, how far some of the people I know have come, and how GOD has been the only constant throughout the challenges I've faced.

How many times have you fallen yet still, GOD has propelled you to greater heights? Maybe you are surrounded by fog and clouds and can't see where your life is going. You may feel like you have fallen, especially when the rent remains unpaid, the business is struggling, the lights are cut off, the lay-off notice has been sent in a company-wide communique. Whatever situations we may face, we have to talk ourselves through the pain, remembering that what we are dealing with will pass. GOD isn’t in the business of leaving us in a worse off position than we were. He may show us a thing or two along the way which may feel like a setback, but that setback is never permanent as long as we keep the faith.

Beloved, when you are down the only way up is to get on your feet! The only way up is to look up to your source, the ultimate source, GOD Himself, and get up off the floor and onto your feet. As you find work on getting back on your feet, don’t forget to spend a little time on your knees, thanking your Maker for the great things you are anticipating on your way back up. Failures will occur, sometimes we won’t have all the answers – but with faith and willingness to keep pushing, it really and truly can only get better.

Yours in faith



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