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The Fearless Experience and why I'm excited to be a part of it

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Being one of the Dear Fear Book authors opened my eyes to the debilitating nature of fear. When I read the stories of the other women that co-authored this piece with me, I couldn’t help but think “Wow – so this fear thing is real and doesn’t just affect me alone!”

When the opportunity came along to partner with Tiana Patrice – the Founder and visionary author of the Dear Fear Books -  to spread her movement beyond the US borders, I felt it a privilege that I would be a part of something much bigger than myself; something that promises to take me to the next level of my goal setting as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and woman wearing many hats but most importantly, an event that is powered by GOD.  

My coach and mentor, global speaker and trainer Tiana Patrice, is set to begin traveling abroad this Fall 2019 for The Fearless World Tour.  This ministry on the move is a live fearless activation and networking experience where leaders come to grow their faith, transform their minds and release barriers to success with experts from around the world. I am honored to be one of those experts, sharing the stage who too are using their gifts to spread the message of living life on the other side of fear.

The first global tour stop will be in Abu Dhabi, UAE - my current city of residence. Smiles all around. A little about Tiana, and how collaborating with her has proved to be quite the inspirational journey. For over 5 years, Tiana has cultivated a community of individuals ready to breakthrough personal glass ceilings. She’s taught advanced leadership techniques both online and in workshop settings that produce exponential results for individuals and teams. Her faith and business based approach has transcended the lives of leaders all over the world, and allowed them to answer a simple question…”What would I do if I was unafraid?” The global tour marks the beginning of the next phase of growth for the organization – and yours truly is a part of this very cool mission!

The 2 day experience promises to bring with it release and breakthrough, coupled with tonnes of business building. A this stage in my life, and even as I petition the Heavens on how I can go about doing things purposefully, I am thankful for such opportunities GOD is creating for me to continue to step outside my fears while being a good steward of the gifts GOD has given me. With over 10 workshops taught by seasoned experts and coaches, the tour will provide attendees with the tools they need to go from barren to breakthrough and accomplish the goals they have for their life – and that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am excited to be one of the coaches for the Fearless Experience.

“This year our theme is “From Barren To Breakthrough” from 1st Samuel 1-20. Our belief is that in this season, God is calling us to pull ourselves together, do something different and stand on the promises He has promised us.”- Tiana Patrice

Looking forward to this event friends. The coolest thing for me is that I have seen faith in action with the whole planning phase of The Fearless Experience. A huge shout out to Coach Tiana for answering “Yes” to her call to transform lives and helping more women do learn how to do life on the other side of fear!

The countdown to October 11th continues…

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