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The heartwarming effect of sisterhood

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

“For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.”

—Christina Rosetti

A few weekends ago I enjoyed the opportunity to attend a women's event - The Women of Excellence 2nd Year Anniversary event. As a I made a pit-stop to pick up one of my friends who too is a part of this incredible fellowship, I was expectant. Women don't band together unless they like each other or have a lot to learn from one another. Fortunately with this group, there are so many compelling reasons for me to drive from Abu Dhabi to attend their monthly meetings held in JBR - Dubai.

Since the inception of our own Christian-based women's movement Quintessential F, I've enjoyed the privilege of walking with, counselling and mentoring many women both younger and older than I. I do not take this privilege for granted, as the opportunities to do so require that I lean on GOD and how much He has held my hand throughout my life in order to share insightful nuggets, and snippets from my personal experiences, in an effort to impart positive messaging in someone else.

As I drove home to Abu Dhabi after the two-day event, I couldn't help but thank GOD for the people who GOD has brought into my life over the past few years. Like a colourful quilt made with many patches stitched together, each piece plays its role in keeping the whole thing together. For me, each woman in my life plays a unique role, whether known to them or not. As individuals, these same women are only powerhouses when they are built on strong foundations; foundations anchored in Christ and a pursuit for a life centered in Him. Having said this, allow me to share a three critical take-aways that I learned from the women I spent my weekend with; attributes of which extend into much of my sisterhood circle beyond this group:

1. Strength requires sacrifice. Many of the women have gone through plenty as have I, but they sing a jubilant song because they know that their sacrifices have yielded great strength in them. When we desire something, we have to be strong enough to see the process through. Whether the desire is to raise Godly children, succeed in the workplace or grow a business - there will be many seasons of sacrifice along the way. It may sting from time to time, but with GOD at the center of your sacrifice, you will soon reap the rewards, looking back and realizing just how much strength you have within.

2. Victory is a result of huge leaps of faith. There were so many super testimonies shared! These women took giants leaps of faith to reach the UAE and start a life here. Each had a unique story of what the journey of trying to succeed while far away from home was like, and it was heartwarming to note that many of the testimonies shared were extremely relatable.

Whatever we seek in life will ask us to put our faith to the test. Without faith, it is impossible to please GOD and impossible to attain much of anything. Our pursuits ought to be anchored by the hope that we will witness the results that got us started in the first place, and through the testimonies shared, I have to say that my belief that faith is everything was further reinforced.

3. We all need a strong support system. Life will throw us a series of curve balls from time to time, that will have us reaching out for help to just about anyone who will listen to us try make sense of everything. Every woman needs a sisterhood of Queens who will hold her arms up like Aaron did Moses when the chips were down. Life is no good spent alone, yet brings forward moments of exhilaration and excitement when shared with people that get you. I saw many smiles as conversation was shared - and it was clear that hearts were connecting, learning and gleaning from each other - a sight to behold.

I look forward to more opportunities to meet and fellowship with other women during the course of 2019. I've enjoyed a great start to the year - with interactions being true ministry to me. My prayer is that every woman out there experiences through soul encounters that not only help firm their foundations, but make them realise that they are indeed a powerhouse to the glory of their maker!

Your Reinvented Coach


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