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The Year of Yes - or is it?

I’ve come across many hashtags that follow captions about chasing our dreams from posts across social media. I’m a firm believer that if you want to see things you are praying for made manifest, you have to do your part in not only speaking positive vibes over these things, but also line up a series of action steps that will contribute towards the dream. Netflix and chilling may get your mind in relaxation mode for an hour or two, but it never helped anyone hit the jackpot.

One motivational video I watched (well, tonnes of them…) talk about cutting out TV time if you want to be productive. In truth, there are a lot more things we can cut out beyond being a couch-potato. Some of it involves assessing whether your interactions add any real value to your growth process or help you move from one level to the next. Time could be better spent building your skill-set through training courses, reading more books or lapping up the advice of mentors. Whatever the case may be for you, what’s definite is that your “Year of Yes” requires something from you and you will have to figure out what that is.

We all have our vices – those things that are guilty pleasures yet we know without a shadow of a doubt that we could be exerting our energy doing something else. On the same token, it’s critical that you have a healthy balance between your spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being. Your “Year of Yes” relies on your ability to identify the things (noble, fruitful things of substance tribe!) that make you tick and pursuing mastery in them, while maintaining a good degree of self-appreciation, self-love and being intentional as it relates to pursuing your endeavours!

Now then, what’s your take? What are your current battlefield hashtags? If this year is indeed your “Year of Yes”, what action steps are you taking to ensure that it is and that hopefully, your year pans out to become something truly incredible?

Your Reinvention Coach,


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