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What 100 Days of motivation taught me about personal reinvention

A bit of a late post, but GOD placed it on my heart to share this, as it may help someone who is on their journey to finding their purpose. The 10th of April marked 100 days of sharing messages of hope as garnered by my quest for spiritual and personal reinvention. On the first day of the year I sent out a "Happy New Year" message - as we all do right? This time was different. I felt like I had so much I wanted to say, on the back of the successful launch of my first book: "Reinvented: Challenging insecurity to live authentically through faith."

I was motivated, and because I had experienced so much of GOD's grace in the preceding weeks after a really difficult season, I wanted to (and still do) shout from mountain tops that we can all make it if we trust GOD through the calm and the storms of life.

Fifteen days into January, I realised that more and more of my contacts were sharing their personal experiences based on the posts I sent across to them personally via whatsapp. Because GOD is in the business of surprises, there would be times He would give me what to say, and someone would come back saying they had just been praying over the same topic I had posted about. My first 100 days of sharing my posts in a bid to encourage anyone who would receive taught me a few things, and here are some:

1. In the words of James Altucher - "Everyday, you reinvent yourself. You're always in motion. But you decide everyday: forward or backward." This started off as a commitment to myself to spread messages of hope and encouragement, but what I soon came to realise was that I too was becoming challenged by the things I was saying to others as I posted what GOD was telling me to share. If I was encouraging someone to think positively, it would be hypocritical for me to then entertain negative thoughts or let frustrations get the best of me. In short, I learned to also walk the talk which is very much a part of the reinvention process - sticking to what you say you will do or encourage others to do.

2. You never know how much your action could help someone. I had mornings I was burnt out and spent, with very little to say. What encouraged me were the testimonies people shared with me on how much the motivational posts were inspiring them. This to me is what life is all about - playing my part to help women just like me figure out their next best steps through faith. Never turn away from doing something out of a pure heart. The world needs a lot of help out there and your input could make all the difference.

3. You are not alone in any challenges you may face. A lot of what I shared resonated greatly with my family, friends and colleagues. GOD speaks through people, experiences and nature. A lot of our experiences are similar in nature so trust me when I say this - you are never alone.

What's important is that you have the right support frameworks to keep you going when the going gets tough - and when all's good, you still have a solid group of people that you can pray with and learn from - and that's a powerful thing!

4. Motivation becomes a way of life in the new, reinvented you! I ask GOD everyday to help me to be a vessel - a vessel for His Kingdom. Steering positive thinking in my sphere of influence has become a way of life for me. Experts say it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit. 100 days of motivating others has helped me maintain positive thoughts and the necessary energy required to tackle the challenges and dramas associated with navigating a career in PR. I also believe this process has helped with greatly in my family and spiritual life - the two areas I deem most important to me.

5. Retreats are important so you too can receive your refill. You cannot give what you don't have. At the top of May I shared with everyone that I was taking some time off to regroup. I needed sometime to reconcile all the things I had experienced since the top of the year, was exhausted on account of a very rigorous schedule and was beginning to feel like I was posting out of a sense of obligation rather than the desire to connect with my audience. Praying and hearing GOD's voice through praise and worship worked wonders - as it always does - such that I feel I am ready to tackle the rest of what this year has to offer.

I continue to reinvent myself, even as it relates to continuing to keep the message going. One's success also hinges on their ability to adapt as situation arise. I'm learning a lot from using my gifts to spread love and hope in my sphere of influence, and have come to appreciate that oftentimes - the lessons you want to show others are really for you!

Your Reinvented Coach,


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