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You deserve beautiful things coming your way!

May you remember today that no matter the commotion that life seemingly throws your way, you are worthy of beautiful things coming your way. God has never been in the business of making mistakes. We may be flawed and there may be some lessons to learn, but that shouldn't become the reasoning behind us accepting less than GOD's standard for our lives.

In life's conversations with some of my dear sisters in Christ, I realise that many of our struggles are similar. We have all struggled with insecurity, feeling undermined in the face of challenging work environments, adjusting to the changes that come with being a new mom or bride, our need for more spiritual growth and fulfillment - the list is endless. At the core, we all desire beautiful experiences; experiences that remind us that we are alive, we are an expression of creativity, we are soulful, we are worthy, we've got it going on.

If you dropped by today, perhaps for a quick scan to see what this website was all about, I'm glad you did. I want you to know that you deserve to be loved, to enjoy great relationships, to be acknowledged for your hard work and commitment to things that make a difference. A lot of the respect we fail to receive is on account of how we view ourselves, given negative people and situations too much power over the essence of who we are. Perhaps the shift in thinking lies in how we perceive ourselves as we encounter different situations. How do you perceive yourself?

Are you conscious of the things that matter to you or do you just sweep them under an invisible rug?

Can you bear the cost of turning your back away from you?

Chin up soldier! Shoulders back! You matter! Honour GOD's creation by doing right by it! Do right by you for you cannot give out of an empty bank!

And you know what? You deserve beautiful things! 

On a continued path to reinvention,



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